9 hp Pro Model Winch

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  • The ultimate winch for wakeboarding, skimboarding, wakeskating, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing
  • 9 hp high performance engine with CVT asymmetrical torque converter
  • Includes 600 feet of durable, floating, non stretch wake winch rope 
  • Custom fabricated spool with adjustable inner diameter for varrying torque and speed, capable of holding 2400+ feet of wake winch rope
  • Large inflatable wheels and a 2" hitch insert at the rear of the frame allow for easy transportation make the winch extremely mobile while
  • Anchor points located on the rear of the frame allow for your winch to be tied or staked down, safely securing your machine while it is in use
  • Removable metal powdercoated splashguard protects your winch's engine, and operator from water, dirt, and debris while your winch is in use
  • Remote throttle optional
  • Hydraulic disc brake optional
  • Handle not included 

Note -  Custom viynl graphics not inlcuded. If you are interested in custom vinyl graphics please inquire before making your purchase.


*Due to high demand orders may take up to 14 buisness days to ship depending on availability